Salesupply introduces Hybrid AI Chat for e-commerce customer service 

April 23, 2024 by
Frank Calviño

Profitability and cost savings are the two main challenges within e-commerce. The new Hybrid AI Chat solution by Salesupply helps online stores with both challenges.

The solution enables merchants to greatly save on customer service costs while helping improve customer experience. The best part: Salesupply Hybrid AI chat is closely monitored by customer service agents for maximum control.  

Hybrid AI: the best of both worlds AI is one of the most hyped and most promising innovations of all time. Its potential is endless, yet we are still in the discovery phase. To entrust such new technology to take over your client communications is quite a gamble. That’s why Salesupply developed a way to fully benefit from all AI has to offer with the guaranteed security of human control. The best of both worlds. 

Always available from pre-sales to returns  The hybrid AI chatbot is trained and capable of supporting your clients throughout their entire shopping journey, all the way from pre-sales to returns. Having such a capable solution assist during the pre-sales phase truly transforms customer service into a profit center. In addition, the bot is connected to a shipment tracking tool enabling it to answer all WISMO (where is my order) related questions. And of course, the intelligent chatbot is always available, also when your regular customer service team isn’t.  Your data is crucial. The strength of generative AI is in its learning capabilities. This means the solution can and should be trained to get the best results. This is how the Salesupply Hybrid AI solution gets its unique capabilities: 

  • By having the AI tool scan all the anonymized customer service conversations from the recent past, the application is able to provide a clear categorization of frequently asked customer service requests.   
  • Together with the stores’ website, product information, and the CMS, the FAQ categories, the customer questions, and the templated responses are loaded into the chat solution. This way, the solution has all the product and order information required to help your customers throughout the buying journey. To make it even better, the application will create tailor-made answers to exactly match the customer's request every time   
  • Our agents and the AI application continuously monitor the quality of the solution for further improvements and updates.   
  • Safety and compliance were leading during the development of this solution and are constantly being monitored to avoid issues. 
  • Whenever a customer doesn’t want to be served by the AI bot or whenever the bot does not have the answer, the customer is directly forwarded to a customer service agent.  The main advantages of Salesupply Hybrid AI
  • Cost reduction: By having the AI bot available to automatically handle frequently asked questions, any online business will considerably reduce the cost of their customer service set-up. 
  • Improved customer experience: with such a powerful, intelligent solution, most online customers will get the answer to their requests immediately. This improves the first-call-resolution and with that the overall experience of online consumers.  

More information here: About Salesupply 

Salesupply is a global e-commerce services provider specializing in e-commerce customer care and - fulfillment.  Salesupply offers native customer care in 36 languages on 3 continents. Salesupply's scalable and flexible fulfillment platform enables online stores to compete with local players worldwide through local storage and delivery. 

More than 500 online brands and retailers worldwide rely on the services of Salesupply, including Carhartt, Tory Burch, Segway Ninebot, and Panasonic, among many others.  

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