The Netherlands has the highest online store density

September 4, 2018 by
Nico Hoeijmans

OnlineshopThe Netherlands has the most online stores per capita, about 80.000 on a population of 17 million. This means that for every online store, there are 214 people. It is a density that cannot be found in any other place in Europe. It means that online shops in the Netherlands have to fight very hard for every visitor. These data are provided by Dataprovider, which crawled the web to find the number of online stores in different countries across Europe. Other countries with a (relative) high density are Sweden (488 people per online shop), Germany (518 people per online shop), and Belgium (684 people per online shop). Other countries have a much lower density, like Italy (2.000 people per online shop) and the United Kingdom (859 people per online shop).

Even though only about one in three shops in the Netherlands is very active, the density is still very high (640 people per online shop). The country does not have a large marketplace like Amazon that is active in the country. Amazon is only present through a translated German Amazon website and an online platform where it sells ebooks.



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