Google will display expanded shipping and returns information

April 20, 2023 by
Frank Calviño

Google will display expanded shipping and returns information in search text results for commercial sites. This is done by aggregating content using structured data markup, like how you have marked up your products. 

If you already submit your product information to Google in Merchant Center, they will use your Merchant Center shipping and returns data in the same way.

The company also added new reports to Search Console. It aims to make it easier to know when your products need more information. 

This will allow you to monitor and correct structured data related to these e-commerce features. 

If your products need shipping and return information or if shipping and return information was added incorrectly, you will receive warnings in the merchant listings report and through email notifications.

The key will be Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is a Google tool that serves to enter data from an online store and be able to advertise in Google Shopping, among other services.

Still, the Merchant Center implementation, although vital for the future ‘metaverse mega global marketplace’ is far from perfect. The tool has a few years available, yet Google keeps finding bugs and issues with it. The most recent is a bug that is directly affecting Google Ads campaigns. 

Two days ago, Google announced that was ‘actively looking’ into an issue in Merchant Center where some advertisers may see a “Circumventing systems” message in their ads.

These glitches result in ad disapprovals and are a big deal for impacted people. It can cause a loss in revenue or other types of conversion metrics. 

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