100 % owned by PostNord, the merged Swedish and Danish post offices, Direct Link creates borderless e-commerce solutions for global delivery.

They know the ins and outs of global deliveries, from the paperwork to the groundwork. They know the people, the systems and the ways between. Because if they excel at our business, you can focus on yours.

Partner News

New Partnership Alert: Direct Link UK & Shiptheory!
By Direct Link - Direct Link UK division is announcing its partnership with Shiptheory, a move that empowers retailers of all sizes with a streamlined workflow from start to finish....
January 10, 2024
Decline in Swedish e-commerce in 2022
By Direct Link - The Swedish e-commerce market decreased by 7 percent year-on-year in 2022, according to  PostNord´s annual E-barometer report. The total turnover for e-commerce in 2022 was SEK...
April 12, 2023
High online shopping frequency and spending in Denmark
By Direct Link - Like the rest of the Nordic region, Denmark has a very well-developed e-commerce market and a population with a good grasp of digital technology. According to...
April 10, 2023
What can we expect from e-commerce in 2023?
By Direct Link - When pandemic lockdowns were lifted in 2021 and people could return to physical stores, restaurants, and so on, it quickly resulted in a temporary decline in...
March 16, 2023
Poland: at the forefront of e-commerce in Eastern Europe!
By Direct Link - The markets in the eastern parts of Europe have historically had a noticeably slower development in terms of digital trade and e-commerce compared to the countries...
February 7, 2023
The online surge in the consumer electronics category
By Direct Link - Home electronics or consumer electronics - should you prefer that - have had for a long time its obvious place as one of the most purchased...
November 3, 2022
Slow Fashion: A global trend!
By Direct Link - Clothing and footwear were among the first product categories to be sold online when the internet slowly began to make its commercial breakthrough in the mid-1990s. ...
October 28, 2022
Beauty products and the internet: a perfect match!
By Direct Link - Beauty products and cosmetics have been an established e-commerce category for quite some years now. During the eight consecutive years that PostNord/Direct Link has published the...
September 2, 2022
83% of cross-border e-commerce items weigh less than 2 kilos
By our partners at Direct Link - Approximately 83% of all cross-border e-commerce items weigh less than 2 kilos, according to a report by Statista. This is further confirmed by...
July 20, 2022
The future of e-commerce in the Netherlands, a Direct Link Report
The Dutch e-commerce market has high growth potential. Since 2020 the cross-border e-commerce spending grew from 564 million euros to 736 million euros in 2021. These results were shown by...
February 24, 2022
Direct Link report on E-commerce in Europe is here!
E-commerce in Europe has grown remarkably in the last year. For that reason, Direct Link report is vital. Especially nowadays, when is more important than ever to know the needs...
February 1, 2022
Direct Link Report: A look at e-commerce in Germany
As in previous years, Germany is one of the strongest e-commerce markets in Europe. 62,1 million consumers shopped online in 2021, representing 94% of the population that shops online. The...
January 20, 2022
Deliveries into Scandinavia: Tips and strategies with DirectLink
If you are an online retailer aiming to ship to the Scandinavian countries, you should know the market and the buying behavior of the customers.  When it comes to delivery...
January 4, 2022
Direct Link/PostNord released the E-Commerce report 2021!
Direct Link/PostNord released the E-Commerce report 2021! and you can get it for free. As borders were closed in Belgium due to the pandemic, creating uncertainty in cross-border trade 37%...
December 22, 2021
Learn more about the European e-commerce market in the latest E-commerce in Europe Report!
Direct Link creates borderless e-commerce solutions for global delivery. They are specialists in customer – specific delivery solutions and the distribution of e-commerce goods to anywhere in the world. They...
November 12, 2021
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